Agricultural Products:

Crude Rapeseed / Canola Oil – CRSO

canola oil - CanAsiaImprovements in canola happened gradually over the past five decades. Historically, rapeseed was grown for its oil, which was used for lubricants and not for human consumption. Rapeseed had limited value as a commercial crop. This has long since changed.

Rapeseed oil has a relatively low iodine value and is therefore not prone to oxidation, making it ideal for use as a lubricant base in either its crude or refined state. Refined rapeseed oil is often favored due to its low free fatty acid content. Rapeseed oil is available in low, medium and high erucic acid content grades. The low erucic grade is the most readily available and consequently the cheapest. However, in lubricant applications the high erucic grade is often of more interest due to its 40% - 50% erucic acid content, giving the oil a higher degree of lubricity. The high and low erucic acid grades can be blended to give a medium erucic acid grade.