Our Customers

Canasia - our customersOur customers are largely those clientele that refuse to compromise quality for price. There are many foreign companies, Government agencies, Ministries of Agriculture and Trade, medium to large scale bulk importers, bulk wholesalers, and trade agencies that comprise the majority of buyers for our category lines of product. They are international in scope and location of course, highly varied, and are typically committed to quality and value, not the lowest price. We find that our business niche is most commonly serving those buying entities that have long been down the path of low price point quality from other regions of the world with resultant dissatisfaction from end consumers in their marketplace, compromised by mainly considering only low cost.

The benefit your region or entity receives, when insisting upon premium Canadian quality grade with CanAsia Trade, is uncompromised quality, process and standards that are second to none, and typically already in high demand.

We advise all of our existing and prospective clientele to plan ahead, plan accordingly through long term contractual arrangement with CanAsia Trade, and build up inventories to capture economies of scale and secure allocated stock supply as Canada's production, albeit vast, has current and immediate supply/demand relative to current crop year versus next crop year yield, or existing long term priority contract business in the sales pipeline.