President's Letter

Dear client/prospective client,

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to CanAsia Trade Inc., we are pleased that you have chosen to consider us your source of supply for the various premium quality Canadian grown products that are already world renowned and considered the best of the best in every category.

CanAsia Trade was formed based upon the premise that the best of Canada, in many respects, was largely under-represented and under-achieved on the world stage in many leading strength product categories. Canada has historically earned a solid brand reputation internationally as a premium quality producer, having inherently trustworthy business practices, and the competitive advantage of having optimal fertile and cleanly environmental factors. This enables our grow conditions to result in having unmatched quality yield, whether it be agricultural product, agricultural fertilizers, newsprint from our vast pulp and paper sector, or Canada’s highly regarded livestock meat products (Halal), all of which form our core business line focus, bringing Canada forward, while at the same time supporting ‘Quality Is In Our Nature’.

While the global marketplace is a competitive and dynamic environment, we are fortunate to carry forward, to new heights, the established strong brand equity and commitment to high standards that are synonymous when people internationally think of Canada.

While it is firmly one of our goals to expand the scope and breadth of Canada’s strength products on the global stage, we realize that product quality and cost are always prevalent in the minds of our clientele, and we endeavor to provide the best of both while operating in a business niche that stands apart from the rest, rather, offering content and quality to those that are ever aware that “you get what you pay for”.

An integral part of what we do for our clients, is to offer a personal approach to International trade of bulk supply, where our recommendations often include the building up of inventories and/or reserves, being a proactive and strategically advantageous plan where long term contractual arrangements secure allocated supply priority, as well as cost effectiveness overall. 

Whether you are a current or new bulk importer, government agency, potential trading wholesaler/distributor in our regions of interest, our function is primarily that of facilitator of your bulk trade needs.

We look forward to bringing the best of Canada to your region in the near future.

J. M. Hari