Certified Halal Premium Canadian Grade Meat Product

Why Certified Canadian Halal ?

To sum it up, "Process integrity that instills consumer confidence, and world renowned industry leading Canadian bred livestock". When both of these parameters combine, your end consumers in your region will demand product that they retain high confidence and assurance in for their families.

CanAsiaCanada is a first world country with corresponding quality and safety assurances in its due processes where certification, inspection, and quality control is concerned, as compared to other regions.

After all, nothing is more important than the quality of the food we all consume. Certified Canadian Halal meat products inherently have the best of both worlds. In our market research, we found not one person that was willing to compromise process integrity and best of class, for price. This is your end consumer.

Halal meat products are generally consumed in some of the wealthiest countries in the world. Economizing on the quality of food, and its resultant impact on human health, it would appear, should never be an option, in our opinion.

All Canadian meat export product is government certified prior to export, at federally inspected and certified processing facilities (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) known to be the finest in the world.

There are other providers of varying Halal product in the marketplace from other regions of the globe, each touting their advantages, however, even they would agree that Canadian bred livestock is simply the finest quality product worldwide. All Canadian certified Halal meat product is further certified by internationally recognized halal monitoring authorities ( ie. IFANCA) for ritual slaughtering, process integrity, and ensuring all of the guiding principles of animal processing, Islamic procedures, hygienic practices etc. are followed. All export health certificates duly signed by professional veterinarian, as well as, importing country health certificate requirements will be satisfied by CanAsia Trade.

CanAsia Trade only supports processing facilities continually having to accredit themselves by the most recognized certifying Halal authorities known in the world.

CanAsia Trade intends on securing its own federally registered facility with large capacity processing into the near future, which shall be, dedicated 100% Certified Halal meat processing.

Some very concerning problems with process integrity in the Halal industry include the following:
Where is your Certified Halal meat product being imported from?
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