Certified Halal Premium Canadian Grade Meat Product

Halal Veal

Most people do not realize that veal is produced from male (bull) dairy calves. On a dairy farm, these bull calves are not needed for replenishing the milking herd because they cannot produce milk and they are generally not used to produce beef. All dairy cows must give birth to a calf each year to provide the milk that we drink. Approximately 50% of all calves born are female calves (heifers). These heifers will eventually be used by the dairy producer to replace older cows for milking purposes. Only a very select few of all the bull calves born are used for breeding stock. Dairy producers will sell the bull calves to veal producers, either privately or through a sales barn. Therefore, bull calves can be used by the veal industry to create a quality food product.

Halal Veal - CanAsiaThere are two types of veal produced in Canada: milk fed and grain fed veal. Milk fed veal calves are raised on a balanced diet containing all the necessary nutrients for animal health. As a result of this milk based diet, the meat is light pink in color and possesses a mild taste and a soft texture. Milk fed calves will reach a market weight of 450-500 lbs (205 kg to 227 kg).

Grain fed veal is pink in color and has a similar taste to beef but not as strong. These calves are fed a milk based diet for their first 6 to 8 weeks after which a corn and protein supplement are gradually introduced to their diet. Grain fed veal will reach a market weight of 650 to 700 lbs (296 kg to 318 kg). (Ontario Veal Assoc.)