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Bulk Newsprint – Premium Canadian Supply

Today, over two thirds of North American newsprint capacity is owned by companies with assets in both Canada and the United States. Because of industry consolidation, North America is now truly one producing region, accounting for over one third of world newsprint capacity.

bulk newsprint - CanAsiaBy definition, newsprint is an uncoated mechanical paper mainly used in the printing of newspapers. A large portion of the newsprint produced worldwide is based on mechanical pulp, but increasing amounts are made, partly or entirely, from recovered fibre, such as old newspapers and old magazines. Furthermore, depending on the type of mechanical pulp used, some chemical pulp may be added to strengthen the sheet.

Canada is the largest producer of newsprint with 7.8 million tonnes produced in 2005, followed by the U.S. (4.9 million) and Japan (3.7 million). Canada is also the largest exporter with around 60% of its production sold to the U.S. and 25% shipped to offshore markets.

Even as many consumers turn to their computer for news and entertainment, consumption of newsprint remains strong despite many industry challenges and widespread consolidation.

Non-Japan Asia is where significant growth in consumption has occurred in the past decade and is expected to continue, due to their rising level of literacy and general improvements in economic conditions.

A major positive outcome as a result of pricing pressure from other international regions producing newsprint of generally lower quality content, is that long standing Canadian value-added premium grade newsprint, especially at a potentially decreasing future price point, will continue to be the leading choice among those bulk quantity users demanding high content quality vs those users that are only price point based. Quality input equals quality output.

CanAsia Trade solely operates in the niche of supplying those bulk volume users that have already experienced the quality and unreliability of foreign content newsprint, typically from Asia and Europe, who value the long term dependability and quality quotient they receive from the value-added Canadian stock.

Canadian premium newsprint is renowned for its opacity, strength, consistency and resistance to tear, all adding up to exceptional "runnability" and "printability".