Canadian Ice Wine

Canada has become the world’s leading supplier of Ice Wine.

Ice wine, made from grapes left to freeze on the vine, is a rare and delicate treat. Thanks to our nation's climate, Canadians excel in the production of ice wine. In 1991 a Canadian ice wine beat over 4,000 competitors to win the prestigious Grand Prix D'Honneur at VinExpo in Bordeaux, France. The wine world finally took a serious look at Canada. Our ice wines have since won numerous awards, boosting the reputation of the Canadian wine industry as a whole.

Canada didn’t invent ice wine - we only perfected it.
Ice wine is completely different from late harvest botrytised wines. They retain the pure varietal flavors, much like unoaked Chardonnay. Grapes intended for ice wine are left on the vine until the temperature drops to around -9°C for two days. Ice forms on the skins of the grapes, whose juice can contain as much as 35% sugar, drawing out moisture. The grapes are pressed immediately, often in the middle of the night, to avoid melting the ice, which remains separate from the juice. This highly concentrated juice is then fermented in the normal way to produce ice wine.

CanAsia Trade is very bullish on Canadian ice wine internationally, and envisions significant market share growth of this beverage segment.