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Dry Beans

There are several types of dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) produced in Canada including white pea beans (navy beans), red kidney beans, great northern, black, small red, pink, pinto and cranberry (Romano) beans. A warm-season crop, sensitive to frost, dry bean quality is evaluated on the basis of three main criteria: size, shape and color.

dry beans - CanAsiaIn Western Canada, there is potential for a long-term expansion in the harvested area of dry beans mainly due to the availability of new varieties (pinto and black beans) that mature over a shorter growing season.

Canadian export levels have by far exceeded domestic use throughout the past fifteen years.

Canada is among the world's four leading exporters of dry beans and exported this crop to 115 countries and territories during the last four years. Canadian exports of dry beans have grown considerably from 89 thousand tonnes in 1991 to 272 thousand tonnes in 2005. Dry bean exports reached a high of 318 thousand tonnes in 2004. Exports for 2007 are forecast to be in excess of 310 thousand tonnes. The majority of Canadian dry bean exports are exported in unprocessed bulk form. (Agri-Canada)