Agricultural Products:

Chick Peas

Pulses, including chickpeas, are increasingly being used in health-conscious diets to promote well-being and reduce the risk of illness. Canada is a significant producer of both desi and kabuli chickpeas.

Chick peas - CanAsiaChickpeas are shipped mainly bagged in containers, although some are also shipped bulk in containers or bulk inside the hold of ships.

Canadian chickpea exports had been increasing, in line with the increase in production, and Canada became the world's third largest exporter in 2000 and 2002.

The main markets by region, with the leading countries in brackets, are Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan), Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, Greece), the Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon), Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt), South America (Colombia, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago), and the US. Exports to Asia are mainly of the desi type, although exports of the kabuli type are also significant. Exports to the other regions of the world are mainly of the kabuli type. (Agri-Canada)