Agricultural Products


Canada's agricultural products reflect our dedication to excellence, and our deep commitment to safety, quality, environmental responsibility, innovation and service.

agricultural products - CanAsiaIn every facet of our collective agricultural industry, we seek to earn the trust of our customers by answering their needs and exceeding their expectations. Those values along with our belief in building strong relationships, have given Canadian agriculture and food products an international reputation for excellence.

Canada produces a wide variety of grains and oilseeds, which are used in breads, pasta, breakfast cereals, cooking oils, and other food products.

In addition, innovative Canadian technology has created new products and markets for many grain and oil seed by-products. These new biofuel products such as crude non-refined rapeseed/canola oil and Soybean oil are fast becoming high production and much sought after alternative energy source raw material.

The main grain export crops produced in Canada are wheat, barley, and oats. Production of other grain products are typically well in surplus of domestic consumption.

Grain and oilseed production is typically increasing year over year with 2005 - 2006 production levels being an estimated 70 Million tonnes.

Coarse grains, such as barley and corn, are used both for human consumption and as livestock and poultry feed. Barley as food ingredient is differentiated from feed barley providing premium animal feed. Canada is arguably the world's leading producer of premium quality malting barley (premium grade and selected for breweries etc.) and barley malt (post malting process). The end product of our Canadian beer product, and those breweries incorporating our malting barley and barley malt, experience the satisfaction in having their end product being considered many grades above any competitor.

The main Canadian oilseed export crops are canola, soybean, and flaxseed. Canada has a large oilseed processing industry and exports not only the oilseeds but also the vegetable oils and feed meals (ie. dairy industry) resulting from their crush.

There is also a significant market requirement in Asian countries for Special Quality White Hylum Soybeans from Canada, which comprise special premium varieties for the production of human foods such as Tofu, Tempe, Miso, etc.

The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) maintains a quality control program that includes varietal control, product inspection and weighing, sanitation, and quality assurance/monitoring programs.

The benefit to your supply of Canadian grain, oilseed, or oilseed extract is premium quality, and exceptional fertile grow conditions which are environmentally clean and natural.

Customers around the world know that they can trust the goodness of Canada.